2,3,4 e 5 de Abril 2009

4 – Portugal

Total area – 92,152 Km2
Population – 10,336 million
Prime Minister- José Sócrates
Time Zone- GMT +0
Capital – Lisbon
Currency – Euro


The excellent climate, the extensive cost line with white sandy beaches, the great diversity of landscapes, the valuable historic Patrimony, the rich gastronomy and a warm and friendly people make of Portugal an attractive destiny for the holidays and a very interesting country.

Portugal history begins a lot time ago , In 868, during the “Reconquista” (by which Christians reconquered the Iberian Peninsula from the Muslim and Moorish domination), the First County of Portugal was formed. A victory over the Muslims at Ourique in 1139 is traditionally taken as the occasion when Portugal was transformed from a county (County of Portugal as a fief of the Kingdom of León) into an independent kingdom: the Kingdom of Portugal.

After Portugal independency Portugal achieved many remarcable marks like discovering Brazil or finding maritime route to India.

Nowadays Portugal it’s a very calm, warm beautiful country, situated in Iberian Peninsula , and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east .

Portugal is a democratic republic ruled by the constitution of 1976 with Lisbon, the nation’s largest city, as its capital. The four main governing components are the president of the republic, the parliament, the government, and the courts.

Portugal was one of the founding countries of the Euro in 1999, and therefore is integrated into the Eurozone. Major industries include oil refineries, automotive, cement production, pulp and paper industry, textile, footwear, furniture, and cork (of which Portugal is the world’s leading producer).

Portugal is famous by it´s good wine , “Fado” music ,some football players like C.Ronaldo or Figo, some summer music festivals wich attracts people from all the over World.

Some of biggest World events have already passed in Portugal, like Expo98, Euro2004, Rock in Rio or “7 Wonders of the World Election”.



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